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“You use English like a crazy person because of what?”

My parent language is English language. I can use English language in a good way. But in this group of documents I want to do something different. I want to give people a look at this: When a person uses Toki Pona for everything, what becomes existing?

When I write a new page I use Toki Pona. When this is finished I change the page toward English language. When I change the page I want this: The way of speech in the page of English language is not away from the same page of Toki Pona.

I want this because of this: Possibly when a person sees my page he does not know Toki Pona. I want to give a look of this to them: What way is Toki Pona?

On 2020-06-24 I changed this page. I did not make changes after that