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Big Speech Number Fifteen of the Divine Book of Luke

If you do not know the book of Luke let me give you a bit of information. Luke was a person of the community of Jesus Christ, and wrote a book for this: This book would give knowledge of Jesus to all people.

Jesus was in the world in long past time. Jesus was a person of the land of Israel. In the land of Israel the divine book said this: “In coming time the divine will give a big person to the nation of Israel. In coming time this person will guide the nation of Israel using divine power.” Jesus went to many areas of houses in the land of Israel and spoke of the divine path and used divine power and said: “The divine book speaks of a coming big person. I am this big person.” But many knowledge people of the divine path felt bad because of Jesus.

Many big speeches are in the book of Luke. In this document of mine I only give one big speech. I language changed it because of this: This big speech gives me good feeling. When I language changed I sought this: “If Luke knew Toki Pona which words would he use?”

All the little speeches have a number. I give the number of the little speech using small writing above. In many speeches the words do not give all needed information. If so, I give other information of the words at the page foot.

one At this time many people of the money group1 and many people of bad actions came to the side of Jesus because of this: They wanted to listen to him.  two When many people of the Pharisee group2 and writing people of the divine book saw the coming people they said this using little bad sound: “When people of bad actions come this person locates these bad people at his side. This person and these bad people eat alongside.”  three At this Jesus tried to give knowledge to them using this speech of a different thing:  four “A person can have a large group of white animals3. Animals of the amount of a hundred can be in this group. If you have animals of this amount, and if one animal becomes absent, you give the group of animals to one area, you go away from the group, and you seek the one absent animal. If you do not see this animal you do not stop seeking. Can one person of you say this: ‘I would not do this’?  five When you come to see the absent animal you will put it toward the top of your body, toward the rear of your head. At this you will feel good.  six When you come to be at home you will talk to your good people, to the people of the homes beside. You will make them all come to your side. You will say this: ‘Feel good like me, because of this: My animal was absent, but I sought, and I newly have it!’  seven I say this to you: Like this, when a person of bad actions changes feeling, a very good feeling exists in the world above. Possibly, in a big group, all people of this group are doing good and do not need a change of feeling. Possibly the amount of these people is this: If one person comes the amount will become a hundred. In the world above, the good feeling because of this group is small next to the good feeling of this: One person of bad actions changes feeling.”

eight “Or what will you say if it is this?: One woman has ten round moneys. With one money, the woman makes this knowledge go away: Where is this money? At this, the woman fires a light tool and moves away all little things from the foot surface using a tool and seeks this money. If she does not see the money she does not stop seeking. What woman would not do this?  nine When this woman sees the money she speaks to all her good people, to the people of the homes beside. The woman makes all of them come and says: ‘Feel good like me because of this: When my money was not present I sought it, and I newly saw it!’  ten I say this to you: Like this, all the spirit people of the divine head person feel good because of this: One person of bad actions changes feeling.”

eleven At this Jesus said this: “At one time there was one man. This man originated two persons.  twelve New person number two said this to his parent: ‘O parent. Many things of all your things must come to me in coming time. Give me these things at this time.’ At this the parent grouped all his things in two groups and kept group one for new person number one and gave group two to new person number two.  thirteen A small amount of sun times came and went. At this, new person number two came to have all his things and went to an away land. In this land the new person made all his things go away because of this: He used much money at all times.  fourteen When the new person finished all his money, a very bad time came in this land. Food was not there. The new person did not have the needs of his body.  fifteen He went to the side of one person of this land and stayed at his side. This person made the new person go to the land of food for this: He would guide the unclean animals4.  sixteen The unclean animals ate long dark fruits. The new person wanted to eat these fruits. No person gave a thing to him.”

seventeen “At this the new person made knowledge come newly and said this: ‘My parent has many work people. They all have very much bread. But I am dying here because of this: I do not have food!  eighteen Let me come to be above the earth using feet, let me go to my parent, let me say this: “O parent, by the divine and by you I did what is bad.  nineteen Let other people not say this: I am your person, you are my parent. I cannot be this because of this: I am bad. Say this: Let me be like your work people.”’”

twenty “At this the new person came to be above the earth using feet and went to his parent. At the end of the path he continued to go, but at this time he had not come to the side of the house, he was away. When the parent saw the new person away, he felt heavily bad because of the body damage of the new person. The parent went to the side of the new person using much power, using little time. The parent enveloped the body of the new person using all his arms, using his body. The parent mouthed the new person using big love.  twenty-one At this the new person said this. ‘O parent, by heaven and by you I did what is bad. Let other people not say this: I am your person, you are my parent. I cannot be this because of this: I am bad.’  twenty-two But the parent said this to the people of his house: ‘Do this in very little time: Make come the body cover of number one good, cover the body of this person of mine using this cover! Give the ring of much money to a long hard thing of his hand! Give foot containers to his feet!  twenty-three Bring the large domesticated animal of good body, kill it for food! Let us all eat and be playful  twenty-four because of this: In past time this person of mine was dead, but in this time he came to be. In past time he was absent and broken, but in this time I see him.’ At this all these people started playfulness.

twenty-five But at this time new person number one was in the land of grain. When this person came, when he came to be a little away toward the house, he heard the sound of playfulness and the playful body movement.  twenty-six At this new person number one made come a work person from the house to his side and said: ‘What is all this?’  twenty-seven The work person said this: ‘Your person of the same parent came. Your parent killed the large domesticated animal of good body because of this: When his new person came newly to him his body was not broken.’  twenty-eight But new person number one felt bad and did not want to go inside the house. At this his parent came from the house to his side and started good speech for this: The new person would go inside the house.  twenty-nine At this the new person said this to the parent: ‘See! Very many times of sun cycles I am doing your work. When you speak of work to me I do this. At no time do I not do the work of your speech. But at no time did you give a little white animal to me for this: I and all my good people are playful.  thirty But this person of yours ate all your things by means of sex trade women. When he came to you you did this for him: You killed the large domesticated animal of good body!’  thirty-one At this the parent said this to him: ‘O my person, at all times you were at my side, all my things are your things.  thirty-two But this was necessary: We all were playful and were feeling good. This is because of this: Your person of the same parent was dead, but at this time he exists newly. He was away from seeing, from knowledge. But at this time I see him.’”

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  1. A person of the money group groups the necessary money from people of the land and gives this money to the ruling group. 

  2. From the perspective of the Pharisee community there were many necessary works for the way of the divine book. This community felt this: “Other people are bad, we are very good in the divine path.” 

  3. White animals give white food fluid to people. In one way of white animals, people come to have many hairs from the skin of their bodies and make covers using these hairs. 

  4. This animal is a food animal, has a round, whitish-red bump on the face, does not give white food fluid to people, and eats what is unclean. In the parent community of Jesus the divine book said this: This animal is unclean, do not eat or touch this animal.