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For you, the way I use English can be a little crazy. Why is this? See this page.

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Sitelen Pona Pona Luka

On 2020-06-02 I changed this page. I did not make changes after that

Sitelen Pona Pona is a writing that is a little different to Sitelen Pona. But it is very good by me.

But I want to write using little power and using little time, because of this: I want to write all that is in my head using Toki Pona. I want to use Toki Pona each day.

Sitelen Pona Pona Luka 1

I made this using this way: I looked at the heavy thing inside all the writing things. I used many groups of all the writings. After that I changed the writing for this:

sitelen pona pona luka nanpa tu

Sitelen Pona Pona Luka 2

After that I said this inside: A small number of writings are a little bad.

Because of that I changed a small number of writings.

ijo ante pi sitelen pona pona luka nanpa tu

Next to each writing I write a reason for change:

I want this: Next to my first writing this is good by you.

Under this I give a looking writing. You can look at all the writings in Sitelen Pona Pona and all the writings in Sitelen Pona Pona Luka at the same time:

sitelen pona pona luka nanpa tu

It can be that I change my writing at a different time. But only when there is something important, I want to do this. It can be that you use my writing and you see something bad. If so, talk to me. On the home page I give you the way to talk.

Be well!