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For you, the way I use English can be a little crazy. Why is this? See this page.

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The Way of Earth Writing Not of Euclid

I say this: A person can give all knowledge using Toki Pona. But you can say this: “No person gives heavy knowledge using Toki Pona. If so, I cannot know this: Your knowledge is true or what?”

When you say that I feel this: Your way is good. I say this: “This thing exists.” You say this: “When I see the thing of your speech I can say this: This thing exists. But if I do not see I cannot say this.” This is a way of a strong head.

In this context, I made a moving picture of this name: The way of earth writing not of Euclid. This is very heavy knowledge from my perspective! But when you look at this moving picture you see this: A person can give heavy knowledge using Toki Pona.

If you want you can look at speech writing in English or Toki Pona. If you want speech writing in Toki Pona change it to “English (Canada).”

I want this: When you see my moving picture you are entertained. Good looking!

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