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For you, the way I use English can be a little crazy. Why is this? See this page.

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The Land of Good Words

I gave this page in lipu tenpo nanpa mun

O seeing person! Welcome in a new land. This is the Land of Good Words. I go, I hunt words. Come at my side, you can see good words like me!

See! This is the word Kasi (plant, vegetation; herb, leaf). It cannot talk, but it feels good.

For it, time is a little thing. For you and me time is a big thing. One sun time is a big time. But for Kasi sun time is like what? In your body a heart exists. Your heart makes a sound all the time for this: It gives red liquid to your body. One heart sound is a small time for you. But for Kasi a sun time is a small time like a heart sound!

Kasi does not work. It stays in its soil, sees the sun, eats the sun power and water from the soil. It does not talk inside about coming time.

See! This is the word Kili (fruit, vegetable, mushroom). Kili comes from Kasi. It is sweet looking and has many colors. But for it time is a big thing. When it comes to the soil it has sun times of a small number. It cannot stay for a big time. It must change.

But what will it be in coming time? It can give food to a different thing. Possibly an animal sees it and eats it. If an animal does not see, it can become a new Kasi. But for this it must be in good soil. If it is not in good soil, bugs or little unclean things eat it. Its body does good to the paste of the land.

Kili does not know all of this. It is like Kasi, it does not think about this. For it, all is good.

See! At the bottom of Kasi, at the bottom of Kili, the word Ko exists (clay, clinging form, dough, semi-solid, paste, powder). Ko is in much of the land and does not have a body. It stays all the time. Ko looks unclean. But it is not unclean. It gives many needed things to Kasi. Kasi eats the sun power, but when it makes its body it uses things of many ways from Ko. Kasi gives food to all other things.

Differently, Ko gives paste of many ways. Two ways of these many ways are these: Hard paste and black paste. Human beings use paste for many things. Many machines are from hard paste and go using black paste.

Many persons do not know the importance of Ko. But it is like Kasi or Kili. It does not know and does not think about coming time. For it, all is good.

You and I, let’s go home. I want to eat, I want to sleep. A different sun time you and I, let’s hunt different words in the Land of Good Words

On 2021-03-10 I changed this page. I did not make changes after that