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For you, the way I use English can be a little crazy. Why is this? See this page.

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Toki Pona is not like Chinese writing

I gave this page in lipu tenpo nanpa mun

Toki Pona is a cute way of speaking. But for me Toki Pona is not only this. Toki Pona is a new way of thinking inside. Using it a person can make all knowledge simple.

I can say this: “What is Toki Pona? Toki Pona is this.” But this method is not entertaining and is not good. I want to use this method: “Toki Pona is like what? Toki Pona is like this.” This method of knowledge giving is entertaining and gives knowledge well.

At the start I want to say this: A way of speaking is like what? A way of speaking is like a way of writing. This is because of what? In a way of writing a person uses a symbol for a word. In a way of speaking a person uses a word for a thing of the human mind. A thing of the human mind is knowledge or a feeling or a wish.

If so, Toki Pona and other ways of talking are like what writing? Other ways of talking are like Chinese writing. In Chinese writing a different symbol exists for all words. Languages other than Toki Pona are like this. Other languages have different words for all things of the human mind.

If so, all languages are like Chinese writing, but Toki Pona is like Latin writing. Latin writing has one symbol for all sounds. When a person wants to write a word he must use a group of sound symbols. This is like Toki Pona. Toki Pona does not have different words for all things of the human mind. In Toki Pona a person must use many words to give a thing of the mind.

Chinese writing is not bad and is a good method because of many things. But sound writing like Latin writing has a different power. Toki Pona has a different power like this. At a different time I want to talk about this.

On 2021-03-07 I changed this page. I did not make changes after that