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For you, the way I use English can be a little crazy. Why is this? See this page.

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The Different Power of Toki Pona

I gave this page in lipu tenpo nanpa pan

In a lipu tenpo of past time I said this: Toki Pona is not like Chinese writing. In this document I say a different thing.

In lipu tenpo nanpa mun I say this: Toki Pona is not like Chinese writing and is like Latin writing. That is because of this: Toki Pona does not have a word for all things of a person’s head. If a person wants to say heavy knowledge using Toki Pona they must use groups of words.

Chinese writing has many good things. But Latin writing has many other good things and a different power. Other languages than Toki Pona are good. They all are like Chinese writing. But only Toki Pona is like Latin writing and has a different power like Latin writing. What is this power?

Number one, Toki Pona has words of a little amount. With this, a person can come to know Toki Pona using little time.

Number two, Toki Pona does not have heavy, crazy words. In mother language, heavy words are crazy because of this: When a person uses it possibly a person does not know its essence. A person hears their heavy word and they can say this: “I know the essence of this word.” But they do not know. When a person uses Toki Pona they must know well the essence. When a person uses Toki Pona with a good method a different person knows well the essence of the person’s speech.

Number three, Toki Pona has words of a staying amount. You can say this: “This is like your speech number two.” No, this is a different thing. Many new languages have words of a small amount. But in many new languages you can make a new word using this method: You unify many words or many sounds. But Toki Pona is like Latin writing. The number of all symbols of Latin writing stays. Like this, the number of all words of Toki Pona stays.

The staying of the amount of words gives a different power to Toki Pona because of this: A person of Toki Pona feels this: “I can make better/simplify all knowledge. When I see a new crazy thing I do not feel bad because of it. I know this: When I come to know it I can make better/simplify it using words of Toki Pona.”

A person can use words of a staying amount for all things. This is an important path. Possibly the coming to know of this path needs much head power. But in the end, knowledge of this path takes away broken knowledge from a person’s head. Broken knowledge is this: “The word of a thing and the thing are the same. One thing has one word. One word is for one thing.” A person of Toki Pona takes away this broken word knowledge from his head. He comes to know good word knowledge. Good word knowledge is this: Words are only a tool of communicating.

This is important because of what? The feelings and knowledge of a person are like an anima. An animal wants to go to all lands. An animal does not want to stay in a box. If an animal cannot go from the box it feels bad. This bad box is like broken word knowledge. When a person has broken word knowledge their feelings and their knowledge cannot go to all new things. Good word knowledge is this: Words are not a box, words are a tool. The way of Toki Pona gives this strong knowledge to a person.

On 2021-06-16 I changed this page. I did not make changes after that